All About Basil Gardening

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Whether you’re out to conjure up a mouthwatering pesto, add a touch of splendor to your landscape or find a best friend for your tomato plant, basil is up to the challenge. Although among the world’s oldest and most commonly used herbs, basil has a hardy disposition and surprising number of uses that make it a compelling addition to any garden or decorative landscape.

While best known for its use in Italian cooking, it is also used in many ethnic culinary creations. From Greek pesto to Thai stir-fry, savory tomato sauce and even cheesecakes, basil is really quite the cosmopolitan spice! It also gets along well with many vegetables growing in your garden. Basil is an ideal companion plant for tomatoes. Few people realize that basil enhances the flavor of the tomato plant simply by growing next to it. Additionally, basil helps protect tomatoes and other plants against certain insects.